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The Register of Private Binding Rulings, made easy.

Cut your research time in half with Atana Technologies' Austax PBR.

Austax PBR is a sophisticated, lightning-fast legal research database covering all ATO Private Binding Rulings.

A simple, powerful search engine.

Austax PBR's search engine comes packed with intuitive, user-friendly features to enhance the search experience.

  • Use the 'power search bar' located in the header to start a new search from any page.

  • Filter live search results with an extensive range of filters, including date of decision, legislation considered and more.

  • Sort search results by date, relevancy, citation, or alphabetically.

  • Craft precise queries over multiple fields with advanced search.

  • Be notified by email when new documents are issued covering your customised searches of interest.

Enjoy Austax PBR's user-friendly document view.

Utilising the latest web technologies, Austax PBR's document view is designed to enhance the user experience. Features include:

  • an automatically-generated, intuitive table of contents locked to the viewing window for convenient browsing;

  • hyperlinks from all Austax PBR documents to the original ATO copy; and

  • all key document meta information such as authorisation number and issue date, locked to the side panel.

  • discovering 'related material' using Atana Technologies' custom similar-document ranking function.

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